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General Liability Waiver

General Liability Waiver
Please read carefully

I understand there are risks of physical injury in participating in sports and recreational activities or programs. I hereby release the town/city of Wells, its employees, officials and agents from any and all liability or loss or damage to personal property that, my child or I may experience in connection with activities sponsored by Wells Parks & Recreation.

I hereby consent to emergency medical procedures deemed advisable for my child in the event I cannot be reached and my child has sustained an injury. The Recreation Department does not provide accident or hospitalization insurance for participants of its programs. All participants are advised to have adequate personal coverage. Please consider participant's own health, experience, and tolerance for risk before participating in any program.

I also consent to the use of my or my child’s photo, video, artwork etc. by the department for flyers, presentations etc.
I (we) hereby acknowledge that I (we) understand the disciplinary procedures on this form and agree to them.
By signing this form I give the participant(s) permission to attend Rec. programs held at the Wells Elementary School and other sites not owned by the Town of Wells, as described in the program information.

Video Recording / Photography:

I hereby authorize the Wells Recreation Department and/or the Town of Wells, without limitation, the right to use video, audio recordings and/or photographs of myself or my child, made or taken during or in conjunction with my or his/her participation in this recreation department program or activity, with or without reference to me or him/her by name, for promotion, documentation, advertising, public relations, or general advancement of the Wells Recreation Department programs and activities.

Discipline Procedures:

Inappropriate behavior including weapons possession or usage, fighting, sexual harassment, vandalism, abusive language, smoking, illegal drug possession or usage and/or intentionally harmful acts will result in the following actions and other actions deemed necessary, but not limited to the following:

Step 1. Verbal warning, parental notification and Incident Report filed at the Recreation Department.
Step 2. Written Disciplinary Report filed at the Recreation Department and participant dismissed for remainder of program.
Step 3. Immediate, indefinite suspension from all Recreation Department programs.

COVID-19 Policies:
In an effort to keep all participants and staff healthy, we will be taking extra precautions at Wells Recreation programs. It is also important that families be part of this effort as well.
1. I agree to keep my child home if they are sick or not feeling well.
2. I will notify Wells Recreation and keep my child home if my child has been exposed to COVID-19. 
3. I will practice social distancing when dropping off/picking up my child and while at any Wells Recreation facility.
Wells Recreation:
1. Current CDC protocols will be followed, including recommendations for masking, social distancing and disinfecting. 

The Town of Wells offers athletic programs to minors, including travel basketball and youth wrestling. Of paramount importance to the Town and the coaches who manage these programs is the safety, development and well-being of youth participants. Not all youths who wish to participate in these programs are physically and/or psychologically ready for the rigors of the sport, or develop at the same rate. The Town asks that parents realistically assess their children’s abilities before enrolling them in a program. The Town will strive to the extent possible to ensure that youths who would like to participate in a program can do so at the level which is best suited for them, taking into account factors such as age, weight, height, grade level, skill level, coordination, and other factors.

Under no circumstances, however, will the Town jeopardize the safety and future development of youths by allowing them to join programs at a level which is unsafe for them or others. The Town relies upon the judgment and training of the coaches who run these programs to uphold this standard. Therefore, in any instance where a coach or the Town believes that a youth’s participation in a program would be unsafe to either the participant him/herself, or to any other participant, the coaches and the Town shall have the discretion to limit the participation, or decline to allow the youth to participate in the program. Again, the safety and the mental and physical well-being of children will be the determining factor.